Friday, August 19, 2016

'Papelbon Watch' Moves Well Past 24-Hour 'Deadline'

Jonathan Papelbox (2007)
After yesterday's disgraceful bullpen meltdown (and eventual 4-3 loss), you would think that the Red Sox would step up their pursuit of Jonathan Papelbon. And yet, well past the original 24-hour 'resolution' window, all we hear are crickets emanating from Yawkey Way. Sure, Papelbon was awful in his last few appearances for the Nationals—but what, Roenis Elías in better? Acquiring Papelbon (for cheap-to-no-money, by the way) would add depth to the ailing 'pen—something sorely needed. He's experienced, he's fearless, he's wacky, he's familiar—he's needed! Get him!