Thursday, August 18, 2016

Owners' Fenway Renovations Would Scrap Pesky Pole

Well, they're at it again. The NOG (New Ownership Group) is planning $4 million of added renovations to their 104-year old ballpark that would wipe out one if its iconic features. The almost scared Pesky Pole in right field would be replaced under the plan—that would also add another huge video board in right. Plans also call for the creation of new "dugout" seating and opening yet another bar area. Oh, did we mention removable bullpen walls—so that John Henry's foreign plaything (the Liverpool soccer club) can play games at Fenway? The only positive feature we can see in this whole mess is the removal of some the "wrong way" seating in right field—you know, the ones where you have to crane your neck to view the actually playing field? But, of course, the solution to all of the inadequacies of the current park is to build a new, 21st-century replicate of Fenway. Something that would actually benefit the fans of the team. But, from this bunch of non-Boston-based owners? Not bloody likely!