Friday, August 26, 2016

Is GOOGLE Predicting A Return Of Braves To Boston?

OK, we know the Braves stink this year (they've already lost 81 games), but do they reek enough to force a re-location back to their original roots in Boston? Well, apparently, GOOGLE thinks so. If you enter "Atlanta Arizona Score" into the "search engine of choice", up comes an interesting result: The Boston Red Caps beat the Arizona Diamondbacks last night 3-1. Now, in 1876, when the franchise joined the new National League, the team was briefly known as the 'Red Caps'—switching from the 'Red Stockings" to avoid confusion with the Cincinnati 'Red Legs".  Got it? Still, for the GOOGLE algorithms to spit out an 140-year old label for a team is mind-boggling. Russian hackers, perhaps?