Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Find An Actual Parking Space To Jeer A-Rod At ParkWhiz

As The Bronx Embalmers (and their fans) once again infest Fenway Park, it will be tougher than usual to find a legal parking spot for the games this week. Don't try The People's Republic Of Brookline—they make a special effort to ticket and tow Red Sox fans. Besides, if they find out that you haven't eaten kale in the last 30 days, they will incarcerate you for that—as a micro-aggression. Anyway, to get a real parking space this week, just visit ParkWhiz. They have a huge inventory of spots in and around America's Most Cramped Ballpark. They're all pretty much reasonable—considering it will cost you a lot less than the team-sanctioned parking lots that 'sardine' you in with thousands of others for $40 or $50. You can get your safe, convenient space HERE.