Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Did Sox Owners Give In To Political Correctness Again?

The "Inappropriate" Bobblehead
A prevailing opinion on why the Red Sox cancelled tonight's David Ortiz Bobblehead giveaway is right out the politically-correct playbook of the NOG (New Ownership Group). The bobblehead was to feature Big Papi in a pose from his famous, "This is our f***ing city" speech in the wake of Boston Marathon terrorist bombings of 2013. Was this too "sensitive" for the oh-so-effete Red Sox owners? That's the word on the street! If that truly is the case, it's a shameful capitulation by John Henry. For goodness sakes, even the FCC sent its tacit approval of Ortiz's live TV incantation. There is a late—and rather lame— claim that the bobblehead's "facial features" could be considered "offensive". Come on, NOG, that's not believable—do you think we were born yesterday? This is a transcendent cultural moment in Boston's history. Maybe "Out-Of-Town" owners just don't get that.