Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Clueless John Henry Looking To Panda For 2017 Help

(Reuters Photo)
One of the most astounding quotes to emerge from the recent Boston Herald interview with Red Sox principal owner John Henry has to do with Pablo Sandoval. When reflecting on the 'Papi-Free' 2017 Red Sox, Henry actually said this, "With Papi leaving we absolutely need Pablo to return to the form we’ve seen in the past." Come again? Are you speaking of that Panda person? The one who comes into Spring Training grossly obese? The one who woefully underperformed for The Carmine Hose? The one who has a crappy regular-season resume that belies his post-season heroics? That Pablo? We guess it all makes sense. After all, Henry is the same man who wants to radically dismantle pieces of a park he supposedly thinks is a 'cathedral' (e.g., 'removable' bullpen walls) to accommodate foreign soccer games. Hopefully, someday, we will get a Boston-based ownership group that actually says and does sensible things. Until then, we have to put up with Henry and The-Out-Of-Towners.