Friday, August 26, 2016

As Final Month Approaches, Red Sox Glass Is 'Half-Full'

Way back on April 4th, if we had told you that the 2016 Carmine Hose would be tied for first place in the AL East on the cusp of September, you'd be pretty darned ecstatic. Well, guess what, that's exactly where they are. Even with a disappointing end to the 11-game Road Trip From Hell, they emerged on the other end still very much in contention. By any reasonable measure, that's a good thing. Back on March 31st, we displayed an uncharacteristically rosy view of this year's team. Basically, we predicted they'd nab the 'Second Wild Card'. Specifically, here's how we put it: "In spite of all these concerns, we project an 86-88 win campaign—which should (just barely) squeak them into the second AL Wild Card spot. The Blue Jays' sick line-up should propel them to another AL East crown, so it's slim pickings for the rest of the division. Boston should be at least a smidgen better than Tampa, Baltimore and The Evil Ones—so we've got a shot at the post-season. Don't expect a juggernaut, or a repeat of the 2013 Miracle. Be content with a talented, competitive and (mostly) young team. Hey, it beats last place." Not a bad prognostication for a bunch of amateurs!