Tuesday, August 30, 2016

An A-MAZE-Ing Tribute To Red Sox DH David Ortiz!

(MassLive.Com Photo)
Chalk this one up to: 'This Only Happens In Boston'. Retiring Red Sox slugger David Ortiz has accepted multiple tributes on his farewell tour around major league baseball. Awkward ten gallon cowboy hats in Texas, seafood in Seattle—you know, the usual. None, however, is quite as "corny" as a maze in his image (sorry, we are mandated by Massachusetts state law to make this crude pun). The corn maze was the idea of Davis Mega Maze in Sterling, Massachusetts. Suffice it to say that Big Papi was OK with the idea. In fact, he announced to the crowd: "I love corn." Hey, it's a slow news day. Give us a break.