Wednesday, August 10, 2016

A-Fraud Upset With Girardi Over Fenway Park Benching

Gee, what a surprise—Alex Rodriguez is upset. His "pride" is wounded. Poor baby. Believe it or not, The Fraudulent One is publicly complaining about riding the pine in Game One at Fenway Park last night. And, he's throwing his manager Joe Girardi under the proverbial bus (or in the case of The Pinstriped Posers, the proverbial AMTRAK train). Here are The Centaur's actual words, "I came to the stadium really excited, hoping I would play all three games or maybe two out of three. He just said, ‘We’re trying to win games.’ It was surprising and shocking." Shocking? That a stumblebum hitting near The Mendoza Line should sit out? What a disgrace to the game this man is—in every sense of the word.