Wednesday, August 10, 2016

A-Fraud To Start Thursday's Finale At Fenway Park

Hold off for one more day on the Madonna pictures, the blonde masks and the syringes. Alex Rodriguez will start in Thursday's finale at Fenway Park. After fuming over his benching in Game One, The Evil Ones have decided to let him run the Fenway gauntlet during his final game in Boston. Of course, he could come off the pine in Wednesday's tilt, but the negative mojo just wouldn't be the same as it would for a starting role. Here are his parting words, "It's a great chance to give me one big, loud boo on the way out and send me to Miami. The one thing is, I love Boston. It's a great city. I love Fenway Park. I started here. My mother and brother and sister were here. I want my girls to go to college somewhere in Boston - I'm not going to say where. But somewhere in Boston. It should be fun." So, break out the Centaur bobbleheads, and let A-Fraud know exactly how we feel about him on Thursday night. It's supposed to be 100 degrees. Apparently, he's ready for the 'heat'.