Friday, July 1, 2016

Unholy Alliance Between Empire And StubHub Hits Fans

The New York Yankees have dumped their previous "preferred" ticket re-seller (Ticketmaster) and climbed into bed with StubHub—creating a controversy in Baghdad-On-The-Hudson about fair ticket pricing. The new system does not allow season-ticket holders to sell their tickets on StubHub for below a pre-determined floor (50% of the lowest season-ticket price in the section). So, a Yankee season-ticketholder who wants to dump his or her $80 seat to a boring game—like last Sunday's meaningless game against the Twinkies (although it was Brian McCann Figurine Day)—can't sell it for less than $40. Even thought the true market value is probably 35 cents (we exaggerate—but not by much!). Some have charged that this is "price-fixing"—the higher the re-sale price, the higher the commission cut for StubHub (and presumably The Evil Ones as well). Apparently, it's a cozy little scam. This is a cautionary tale for Sox season ticket-holders who are fed PR about the "Red Sox Replay" re-seller site. Caveat emptor!