Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Red Sox Score Enough, Can't Pitch Enough, Lose 9-8

No Joy In Mudville (AP Photo)
Somebody should tabulate the number of games lost by the Red Sox in which prodigious offensive production is squandered by crap pitching. Whatever that number is, last night was certainly one that qualified. After falling behind 4-0 (on a night when Steven Wright's knuckleball was apparently humidity-challenged), they tied the score, actually went ahead, fell behind again, tied it again, then lost, 9-8. Yikes. Along the way, both David Ortiz and Jackie Bradley, Jr. homered. Mookie Betts also doubled twice and knocked in a run. But it just wasn't enough to overcome—Wright gave up 8 runs and Robbie Ross, Jr. walked in the winning tally. Not good.