Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Teheran On Frank Wren, "We have a good relationship."

(Atlanta Journal-Constitution Photo)
While the Braves have done everything they could to quash rumors of sending Julio Teheran to the Red Sox, those rumors just won't go away. Even with the likelihood that the Braves would demand one of either Yoan Moncada or Andrew Benintendi in any trade for Teheran, the rumors persist. Yesterday, at the All-Star Game festivities in San Diego, Teheran did little to quell the firestorm. When asked about current Red Sox Senior VP Frank Wren (who signed the righty when he was an executive with Atlanta), Teheran said, "We have a good relationship." And, Julio, how do you feel about all the talk of you going to a contender? Said the Braves hurler, "Obviously I want to be in the postseason, but I want to be on the team that I signed with, the team I am on right now. And if I get traded, I’ll try to do my best and get the team that I’m traded to to the postseason." And, what about any connections to The Carmine Hose? Said Teheran, "I don’t have any friends (on the Red Sox), but I have one that, since I was a kid, I’ve been watching him: the Big Papi”. It’s a real pleasure to be in his last All-Star Game. To be with him here is really good. It’s good to know he’s leaving, and he had a great career." OK, there's some leverage!