Thursday, July 14, 2016

Brewers Might Be A Surprise Red Sox Trade Partner

With the admission today that their star catcher Jonathan Lucroy is on the trading block, the Brewers may become an intriguing trade partner for the Red Sox. One can foresee a potential "mini"-blockbuster that would send Lucroy, starter Jimmy Nelson and reliever Jeremy Jeffress to Boston for either Christian Vazquez or Blake Swihart, starter Henry Owens and third-base prospect Rafael Devers. The only painful losses in this deal would be Vazquez and Devers (considered Boston's #4 prospect). In Lucroy, Boston gets a 30-year-old All-Star level catcher who can hit, in Jeffress a reliever who can close (17 saves this year), and in Nelson a 27-year-old back-of-the rotation starter who has delivered a 3.62 ERA so far this year. Dave Dombrowski might still have to get another, more prominent starter, but maybe not. It's an interesting deal that would dramatically improve the team.