Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Sporting News: Will There Be A Sox-Rich Hill Reunion?

Boston-Born Rich Hill
After stating the obvious (that the Red Sox need another quality starter to be real competitors for a World Series championship), Ryan Fagan of The Sporting News suggests that erstwhile Carmine Hoser Rich Hill might be the answer. After resurrecting his career with Boston during the second half of 2015 (2-1, 1.55 ERA), Hill has continued to perform well this year with Oakland. So far, the 36-year old has gone 8-3 with a stellar 2.25 ERA. Would Billy Beane ask for the prospect "moon" for Hill? Sure. But, Dave Dombrowski has never shied away for parting with some young talent for a bigger short-term payoff. They can work out something reasonable. The Red Sox need some security after David Price and Steven Wright. While Zack Greinke would be ideal, they may have to "settle" for Boston native Hill. Hey, it would also give them three lefties in the rotation (Price, Hill, and E-Rod)!