Saturday, June 25, 2016

Sox Take A Chainsaw To Texas, Get 8-7 Comeback Win

(AP Photo)
This one pretty much had it all. A crappy start by David Price; a 2-out, 9th-inning, epic 11-pitch at-bat double by Sandy "Babe" Leon; a clutch 9th-inning HR by Mookie Betts (called in the dugout by Jackie Bradley, Jr.); a "get-on-the-board" 2-run HR by Hanley Ramirez; a JBJ "get closer" HR in 6th; 6 2/3 innings of great bulllpen work; and a wild pitch go-ahead run. Phew! The result? Down 6-0 in the third inning, The Carmine Hose staged a comeback for the ages in an amazing 8-7 win in Texas. Other than that, pretty much nothing else happened.