Monday, June 13, 2016

Sox Could Get 'Relief' In One Fell Swoop From Padres

Rodney (L); Butcher (R)
In addition to the clear need for a starter (or two) in the Red Sox rotation, they also need to bulk up their bullpen. An article by Jen McCaffrey of pointed out two reliever trade targets on the San Diego Padres—old buddy Fernando Rodney and left-handed rookie Ryan Butcher. Both are having outstanding years for the Padres—who, by the way, are going nowhere fast. Combined, the two San Diego relievers are making $2.5 million this season. Dave Dombrowski could probably pluck both from San Diego for a package of middle-level prospects—or maybe even a Clay Buchholz or Joe Kelly and minimal prospects. The urgency to get relief help is nearly as acute as the need for starters. Dombrowski needs to get both done—soon.