Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Simulated Terror Attack Drill At Fenway Park On Sunday

Scene From 'The Town'
The Boston Police Department and a slew of federal agencies will hold a drill at Fenway Park on Sunday, June 12th that will simulate a large-scale terrorist attack with "active shooters". The simulation will allow law enforcement agencies to gauge the effectiveness of their game plans in the event of a real attack at a venue like Fenway. All parties are stressing that the drill is not in response to any actual threat. A Boston Police spokesperson stated, "It is not in any way indicative of deficiencies at the park. The important thing is it gives us an understanding of what the capabilities of Fenway Park are and it allows all the parties involved to understand what their roles would be." In an interesting twist, officials will be doing a casting call to recruit 100 volunteers to act as fans caught in the midst of the attack.