Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Papi Will Sit Out Opener Against Giants At AT&T Park

(AP Photo)
Without the benefit of a DH, the Red Sox will sit David Ortiz tonight in the opening game against the Giants at AT&T Park. MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred has got to resolve this silly duality of rules in baseball. Manfred needs to show some gumption and force the National League to adopt the DH—which will thrill almost everyone (with the possible exception of Madison Bumgarner). While he's at it, Manfred should make home field advantage in the World Series subject to whichever league does best in inter-league play through the whole season (since we have to endure inter-league play every day). The idea that one exhibition game in July should decide this is just as ludicrous as pitchers hitting. Let's get this game into the 21st century!