Friday, June 3, 2016

O's Explode On Red Sox Pitching For Seven Home Runs

(AP Photo)
Suffice it to say that a big chunk of the Red Sox pitching staff—starters and relievers—is not ready for prime time. Last night, one of the supposed decent starters (Rick Porcello) got shelled and the bullpen looked like it was called up from Methuen Legion Ball. This was an embarrassing display of gopher ball pitching—as seven HRs left Camden Yards on the home team side in the 12-7 loss. So, the Boston offense—having scored 9 and 7 runs on consecutive nights—was still blown out in those two games. This cannot stand for long if the team has sights on post-season glory. Despite knocking out 12 hits (including 2 each by Dustin Pedroia, Xander Bogaerts, Hanley Ramirez, and Blake Swihart), the offense just wasn't enough to overcome the crap pitching. One good note—Bogie extended his hitting streak to 26 games.