Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Morning Glory: Red Sox Take Extra-Inning Win In SF, 5-3

(Getty Images)
It was close to 1:30 AM this morning (Boston time) when Xander Bogaerts looped a single to produce the go-ahead runs in a 5-3 Red Sox win at AT&T Park. Bogie had also singled in another run earlier in the game, and both times Red Sox fans in the crowd urged him on, "The fans were going pretty nuts there". With David Ortiz on the bench, Dustin Pedroia also contributed to the cause—extending his MLB-leading hitting streak to 14 games. Chris Young also had an RBI double. Rick Porcello started out well, gave up a few runs, and settled back in a solid—albeit "no-decision"—outing. All in all, a great win on the road against one of the best teams in baseball.