Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Clay Makes "First" Impression, Sox Lose To Sox, 3-1

Fans had barely settled into their cramped, 1912 seats when Clay Buchholz (fresh from bullpen success) grooved a fastball to a rookie on the first pitch of the game. Result: White Sox 1, Red Sox 0. Buchholz went on to pitch five innings—giving up three earned runs (two of them on solo HRs). Boston was generally stymied by lefty ace Chris Sale, but had a few chances—all of which seemed to be thwarted by poor in-game decisions by manager John Farrell in the 3-1 loss. What else can you say? The White Sox had been in a serious tailspin before visiting Fenway. To paraphrase Jon Lovitz's Mike Dukakis character, "I can't believe we're losing to these guys". And yet, we are.