Saturday, June 4, 2016

Canadian Team Slows Sox 'Oh-Fense', Beats Boston, 5-2

(AP Photo)
David Price didn't really have it last night—and yet he lasted seven innings and gave up just two earned runs. Another 'quality' start—but the Red Sox offense fell flat with just five hits all night in a 5-2 loss. On top of everything, Xander Bogaerts had his 26-game hitting streak snapped. Once again, the overall pitching performance by The Carmine Hose was lacking. The over-worked and aging Koji Uehara was ineffective—giving up two crucial late runs that pretty much insured the loss. A ninth-inning surge by Boston came up short and suddenly, this team is on another 3-game losing streak and is tied for first with Baltimore. Bad stretch, no biscuit!