Thursday, June 30, 2016

Are The Red Sox "Groome"-Ing First Round Pick to Sign?

(Asbury Park Press Photo)
Opinions about the "sign-ability" of Red Sox first-round pick Jason Groome (#12 selection overall in the MLB Draft) have been all over the map. Some pundits have said that the team has absolutely no shot at signing the recent High School grad by the July 15th deadline—effectively tossing away a prime pick. Others have said that Groome is just vamping for a higher price-tag and is dying to sign with The Carmine Hose. The truth (as is usually the case) is probably somewhere in between. The lefty pitcher reportedly wants a deal worth more than the slot price of $3.2 million. The Red Sox can probably do that (by short-changing the slot money of other picks) to the tune of maybe $4-$4.5 million. If the kid wants more than that, well, he can just go that illustrious institution of higher learning—Chipola Junior College. Good luck with a degree from there, my New Jersey friend!