Friday, June 24, 2016

Apparently, People In Texas Really Don't Like The Sox

If some guy named R.J. Choppy is any indication, the people of Texas are a little negative toward your Boston Red Sox. No, that's too mild an assessment—this guy really hates The Carmine Hose. In an article on Dallas' CBS affiliate website, this Choppy character lists ten reasons why he hates us. Of course, it's filled with the usual stereotypical rants about Boston—you know, we're academic pointy-head intellectuals, we don't really constitute a sports "Nation", David Ortiz gets a pass on PEDs—the standard crap. But, then, 'R. J.' goes after our hats—apparently he's ticked off that so many people around the world don Red Sox chapeaus. Well, guess what, R.J.? That happens when you win. We realize that's an alien concept in the former Republic of Texas—the Rangers seem to be allergic to winning clinching World Series games. Maybe someday you, too, will get the thrill of victory—and not the ignominy of defeat. Then, you might see some ugly Ranger hats around.......Nah.