Thursday, June 16, 2016

2016 Red Sox Could Be Greatest Base-Stealers Ever

Now, contemplate that headline for a moment. The Red Sox, the Boston Red Sox are so far the best single-season base-stealing team since at least 1961. As pointed out by's August Fagerstrom, no one is even close to the Red Sox this year in terms of base-stealing efficiency. Boston has the top two base-stealers on that score in Mookie Betts (11-11, 100%) and Jackie Bradley, Jr. (5-5, 100%). In fact, JBJ has never been thrown out in his entire career. With eight straight more successful steals, he will set the all-time MLB mark for most consecutive steals to begin a career. A Red Sox player. For those of us who were brought up on sluggish, station-to-station Boston teams, this is truly astonishing. Maybe just as astonishing is the fact that the third best team on the list is the 2013 World Series Champion Red Sox. Signs and wonders!