Friday, May 20, 2016

Rangers New Stadium Highlights Need For New Fenway

After just 22 years, the Texas Rangers have decided their fans deserve a new ballparkwith a retractable roof and 21st-century amenities. "The Ballpark at Arlington" (called something extremely lame now after some big-ticket sponsor) was first opened in 1994—when Fenway Park was already 82 years old. The new Texas park will become the seventh in MLB with retractable roofing. The other six are: Chase Field, Arizona Diamondbacks; Marlins Park, Miami Marlins, Miller Park, Milwaukee Brewers; Minute Maid Park, Houston Astros; Rogers Centre, Toronto Blue Jays; and Safeco Field, Seattle Mariners (we don't count the monstrosity in Tampa as a real ballpark). Notice anything in common? How about crappy and/or wicked hot weather for a big chunk of the season? Gee, know any other cities with multiple rain delays/rainouts and where fans freeze their butts off in April and October? We know it's unpopular, but Boston needs a state-of-the-art replicate of Fenway Park—with a retractable roof, no obstructions, and seating for humans born after 1912. Enough self-serving fake nostalgia from the New Ownership Group (NOG). There, we've said it!