Friday, May 6, 2016

PED 'Player To Be Named' Could Be A Real Blockbuster

Can you feel it? It's the utter terror among MLB players—waiting for the other 'steroid shoe' to drop. Multiple sources have been reporting that—as soon as today—another player will be named as testing positive for the drug Turinabol (DHCMT). Rumors are rampant that the player is a big name that will again shake the foundations of the baseball world. So far, Chris Colabello (Toronto), Daniel Stumpf (Philadelphia) and Cody Stanley (St. Louis) have been suspended for having Turinabol in their systems. Who is Player Number Four? It's anybody's guess. Of course, in addition to all of this, MLB is hinting that others will be named for testing positive for substances other than Turinabol. Stay tuned, this could get ugly.