Thursday, May 26, 2016

Last Night's Red Sox Injury Scares Seem Non-Serious

(Getty Images)
Whenever discussing Red Sox injury updates, a chill runs down The Nation's collective spine. As we all know, the team's crack "medical staff" is not exactly up for any AMA awards any time soon. But, maybe, just maybe, The Carmine Hose disposed of all their 'bad injury karma' with the Carson Smith surgery. Case in point: the three injuries suffered in last night's thumping of the Rockies seem to be extremely minor. First, Andover High School's Ryan Hanigan left the game with an "illness" (and not just a case of 'passed ball syndrome'). Next, Dustin Pedroia voluntarily pulled himself out of the game after hitting a double (an occurrence as rare as a Bernie Sanders appearance on Fox News). Third, Xander Bogaerts (perhaps the best all-around player right now in the American League) getting his thumbnail bent backward on a tag play at second. Again, all three seem minor—and (apparently) all three could be in tonight's lineup. We shall see.