Monday, May 16, 2016

Hey, John Henry, Take A Concession Tip From Falcons

Concession Prices At New Falcon Stadium
When the Atlanta Falcons open their brand new "Mercedes-Benz Stadium" next year, their concession prices will not be as pricey as their automobile sponsor might suggest. In fact, Falcon owner Arthur Blank will offer his loyal fans the lowest food and beverage prices in all of professional sports. For example, a bottomless cup of soda (that's one with unlimited refills) will set you back two dollars. That same two-buck price will get you a hot dog, a coke, a water, a popcorn or a pretzel. Of course, at "friendly" Fenway Park, the price for all of these items is at least double the new Falcon price. A slice of pizza at "The M-B" will be just $3.00—at Fenway, you need a Home Equity loan to score some "zassky". And, of course, 'test of all tests'—a 12-ounce Bud Light at the new Atlanta stadium will cost you a mere $5.00—compared with the average Fenway price for a 12-ounce brewski at $7.75 (the highest in all of Major League Baseball). So, we petition you, John Henry: follow the lead of your fellow billionaire and give us a damn break!