Thursday, April 21, 2016

Some Thoughts About The Schilling Firing From ESPN

We've tried to be as even-handed as possible in our coverage of the multiple Curt Schilling social media controversies. After all, he is a Red Sox icon and deserves the benefit of our doubt. Moreover, we are generally distressed with recent trends in this country to suppress any speech that doesn't meet certain political standards. For example, establishment of "safe spaces" and frivolous allegations of "micro aggressions" should not sit comfortably in a nation committed to the First Amendment. Nevertheless, it seems to us that Schilling has been woefully unable to grasp a simple concept: what you do online is guaranteed to have consequences far beyond the simple "click" of your mouse. This is exponentially true if you are a public figure like Schilling. It is true that Curt's particular political views make him an even bigger target—and that shouldn't be the case. But, a little common sense could have avoided his recent firing from ESPN. We all need to be responsible for what we do online, and Curt should have been more careful and prudent. The result is that we all miss out on his incisive commentary on ESPN broadcasts. Everybody loses.