Friday, April 15, 2016

Red Sox May Switch Blake Swihart To Another Position

Swihart (Exclusive FenwayNation Photo)
UPDATE:  Swihart may play LF in AAA.
The Red Sox may have figured out a way to keep three "nominal" catchers on the major league roster long-term. Instead of trading Blake Swihart, there is now talk of moving him to another position on the diamond. Swihart has always been a good athlete—and, in fact, there was talk in the past of shuttling him over to first base. While that spot is currently manned by Hanley Ramriez, his 2017 shift to DH would open up a spot at first down the road. This is especially true if Travis Shaw and Brock Holt are slotted in elsewhere. In this scenario, the team would hang on to both Ryan Hanigan and Christian Vazquez, while Swihart works on a switch at AAA.