Friday, April 8, 2016

Red Sox-Jays Series Could Tell A Lot About The AL East

Starting tonight, the Red Sox and Blue Jays will meet seven times in the next eleven days. Once that whirlwind engagement ends, it could say a lot about who the true 'Alpha Dog' is in the American League East. Most prognosticators have isolated Boston and Toronto as the two strongest clubs in the division—although, in our view, The Carmine Hose have lots more question marks than our fine feathered friends from the Great White North. Tonight may not be the best indicator of how things could go—with Toronto sending their young ace Marcus Stroman to the hill against Joe Kelly. But, we will get a good feel for this race pretty darned early. In addition to these April meetings, the two clubs will have played 13 of their 19 games by June 5th—after that, they don't play until September. Stay tuned!