Thursday, April 21, 2016

John Henry: Pay More Attention To Your Baseball Club

(Associated Press Photo)
Red Sox principal owner John Henry has a lot of toys to play with. For example, on the pages of his largely un-read journalistic plaything (The Boston Globe), he's laughably pimping the vice presidential aspirations of Senator Elizabeth Warren. And, it seems like every other weekend he's crossing the pond to watch his third-rate foreign soccer team play (Liverpool Football Club). Plus, he's got to take care of the rest of his New England Sports Ventures empire: NESN, Fenway Sports Management, and Roush Fenway Racing (whatever the hell that is). On top of everything, he has to make sure the organic kale crop is coming along OK at Fenway Farms. Somewhere along the line, we hope he squeezes in some time with Dave Dombrowski and Sam Kennedy to talk about the fortunes of another of his dalliances—The Boston Red Sox. After three last place finishes in the last four years, we need a little more "hands-on" management by the ex-Soybean Futures King. Mr. Henry, focus on baseball, and let someone else deal with the kale.