Wednesday, April 13, 2016

It's Not Time To Panic Just Yet—Wait Until Next Week

"Joe Panic" is not just the misspelling of the Giant second baseman's name. It could pretty much be the pseudonym of every Red Sox fan from here to last-place eternity. After dropping three straight games due to incredibly crappy pitching, The Carmine Hose are on-track for 69 big wins in 2016. Sure, they have 155 games left—but, be honest, you've been thinking "cellar" again lately, haven't you? Instead of the Big Papi "500 HR Necklace" they gave away last night, most fans feel like they have an albatross around their collective neck (or as the late Boston Mayor Tom Menino once said, "an Alcatraz around our neck"). OK, here's our take: 1.) David Price will not underperform all year—in fact, he will probably contend for the the AL Cy Young Award; 2.) the line-up will continue to put up "crooked numbers" on a regular basis; 3.) the pitching cannot possibly suck this badly all season long (without Dave Dombrowski making some wholesale changes). So, assuming the Orioles lose a game or two this season, the Red Sox should be in contention for one of the AL Wild Cards. So, don't panic yet—but if they lose four straight to Toronto, you can push that big red puppy. You have our permission.