Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Can Josh Rutledge Be The New Brock Holt For Red Sox?

Rutledge (L); Holt (R)
Since Josh Rutledge has been added to the major league roster, he's been a contributor on both sides of the ball. And, while he hasn't yet demonstrated the positional flexibility of Brock Holt, he might just be the heir apparent to the BrockStar. Think about it. As the season goes on, Holt is making it real hard not to pencil him in to the everyday lineup—mostly in left-field. He's earned that right. So, who takes on the mantle of "super-sub" that Holt so masterfully wore the last couple of years? Why not Rutledge? It seems that he is taking full advantage of John Farrell's confidence in him—e.g., last night making a couple of stellar stabs at third (along with strong pin-point throws to first). With a little extra work, he could take on more positional responsibilities and become the new Holt. Who knows?