Wednesday, April 27, 2016

538.Com Says Red Sox Are The Only AL Team In Top Five

According to the influential website, the Red Sox are the only American League team currently ranked in the Top Five (5th place). In fact, your 2016 Carmine Hose get a cumulative rating of 1531. At 11-9, you'd think that the Sox would more likely be viewed as being on the outside looking in. But, the Blue Jays and Indians are the next AL teams in line at 1526 points—followed by the White Sox (1525), Mariners (1519), Rays (1515), Rangers (1511), Orioles (1509), Astros (1507), Royals (1506), Evil Ones (1505), Angels (1503), Tigers (1499), A's (1498), and Twins (1484). Of course, the "guru" of (Nate Silver) has been notoriously wrong on his 2016 political projections—so, go out and find a big grain of salt somewhere.