Thursday, March 10, 2016

Today's Installment Of Gobbledegook On E-Rod Injury

Pedro (L); E-Rod (R)—(Getty Images)
Well, another day, another set of non-believable (double-) talking points coming from the Red Sox on the Eduardo Rodriguez injury. Here's today's "crystal-clear" update from John Farrell: "We have to do what’s right by the player. You have to manage the situation for six, seven, potentially eight months rather than seven days. The one thing that we want to do is make sure the progression or the foundation is as strong as it possibly can be for the remainder of the season. We have to go by how the player is responding to whatever ailment he’s dealing with. We can’t shortcut that or short-circuit it, because there is a date on the calendar that’s nearing." Say what? Thank you, Mr. Farrell, sir, may we have another? "He will throw 90-100 feet again today, The swelling has been controlled. Through repetition he has gained some confidence on his landing leg, his right leg, which was effected by the knee issues. Still no time-frame or date to get him back on the mound yet. There would be multiple bullpen sessions. If we got him in to see some hitters, that’s a possibility. We’ve kind of held off mapping out anything beyond what his first bullpen would be and we’re not even there." Yikes! Well, we warned you!