Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Today Is Red Sox Great Cy Young's 149th Birthday

Cy Young Statue On The Campus Of Northeastern University
Denton True 'Cy' Young would probably dominate even in today's game. Consider these little tid-bits: he averaged 20 wins a year for 22 years; he won over 30 games four times; his record of 511 career wins will probably live forever, and his career ERA was 2.63. In 1901, he left the St. Louis Cardinals and signed with the then Boston Americans—or Pilgrims, if you like that better (in any event, they were not the Red Sox yet). Once he got to Boston, all he did was go 192-112 and compile an ERA of exactly 2.00. Toiling at the Huntington Avenue Grounds (now on the campus of Boston's Northeastern University), he struck out 4.48 batters for every one he walked in a Boston uniform. His WHIP while he was here (not that he would have known or cared about it) was a ridiculous 0.970. Today is The Cyclone's 149th birthday. Happy birthday, Cy.