Friday, March 25, 2016

Sox Are Favorites to Sell Most Beer At A Single Game

As we all know, online bookies will pretty much bet on anything. So, it's no surprise that there are MLB betting lines for important things like:"Most creative team rally cap" and "The relief pitcher most likely to fall running in from the bullpen". The Red Sox actually factor into a number of these. For example, Boston owns the top odds on: "The team that sells the most beer in a single game" (Red Sox 3/2). Those of us who have to get up 75 times during a game at Fenway to let annoying row-mates pass with two fists full of 'brewsky' know exactly how correct these odds are. Also, on the proposition of "The first player to trip running out of the batters box", our own Panda ranks second (Pablo Sandoval 30/1)—only Prince Fielder is seen as more likely to stumble out of the box (25/1). Geez, Opening Day can't come soon enough!