Thursday, March 17, 2016

Panda Slams Bat, Confronts Reporter On Defense Issues

Maybe Pablo Sandoval should have stayed in the Bay Area. You know, the place where it's nice and cozy and politically-correct reporters unquestionably worship you and your three World Series rings. In Boston, not so much. If you come to camp two years in a row with more blubber than the mammals off San Francisco's Seals Rock, and you display crap defense and don't hit even close to your weight—you're going to have problems here. On Tuesday, "Panda-Monium" broke out.
Reportedly, Sandoval entered the clubhouse, slammed down his bat and muttered something as he went to his locker. Afterward, he angrily confronted a reporter—who apparently had the nerve to point out that his third base defense was not exactly Brooks Robinson-like. A smiling Panda 'pooh-pooed' the whole thing yesterday, but that is not going sit well with Red Sox fans. He is likely on a collision course with destiny—one where he eventually leaves town on a sour note.