Friday, March 4, 2016

Ownership Group Admits Mess Up With Liverpool Soccer

(Getty Images)
Fenway Sports Group—the same cabal that owns your Boston Red Sox—has admitted they "underestimated" how crappy their Liverpool soccer club was. Moreover, John Henry's former General Counsel said the owners were "overconfident" about the re-building process at Anfield. The admissions by Edward Weiss came at a New York State Supreme Court hearing related to a lawsuit aimed at the former owners of the soccer club. Listen to this baloney, "We were overconfident in assuming that many of the things that we had done in Boston at Fenway would translate naturally to the Premier League, and they just didn't all translate." What, like three last place finishes in the last four years? Too bad our own NOG (New Ownership Group) couldn't be as forthcoming about their failures at Fenway. Who knows, maybe then we'd get a drop in ticket prices?