Wednesday, March 23, 2016

MLB Player, Broadcaster Joe Garagiola Dies At Age 90

Vin Scully And Garagiola On NBC
He was an 'OK' ballplayer and a fantastic broadcaster. Joe Garagiola, best known to millions of fans for his witty broadcast style, passed away today at the age of 90. For 58 years, Garagiola called baseball games—mostly for the St. Louis Cardinals, NBC Sports and the Arizona Diamondbacks. Our favorite Garagiola phrase came when he once called a long home run as: "They serve meals on flights shorter than that." Garagiola grew up in St. Louis with fellow catcher Yogi Berra—and the two remained close friends for life. Said Garagiola of his friend, "Not only was I not the best catcher in the major leagues, I wasn't even the best catcher on my street." Over his nine-year playing career, Garagiola hit .257 with 42 home runs and 255 RBIs.