Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Future Red Sox Glory Lies On jetBlue's Back Fields

As's Ken Laird rightly points out, you can catch the core of Boston's "Super Youth" movement on Field #6 at jetBlue (fittingly, the Johnny Pesky diamond). There you will find the three sub-22-year-olds who comprise the future glory of The Carmine Hose. Yoan Moncada (20), Rafael Devers (19) and Andrew Benintendi (21) are a trio of Top 25 MLB prospects who will be moving through the Red Sox system together. Currently assigned to the High-A Salem (Virginia) Red Sox, all three will probably move swiftly through the pipeline. There are, of course, some differences. For example, Moncada is driving either a Lamborghini Huracan, BMW X6M Widebody, or a BMW i8 to the park. Benintendi, on the other hand, has a Ford 4-by-4 he wheels into the parking lot. Keep an eye on all three over the next year.