Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Former Sox Owner And Team Doctor Arthur Pappas Dies

Former Red Sox part-owner and long-time team doctor Arthur Pappas passed away yesterday at the age of 84. Dr. Pappas was affiliated with the team from 1978 until the NOG took over in 2002—and was a part-owner during most of that period. As team physician, Pappas ran a much healthier ship than what passes for medical care today. For example, the team lost just 285 player-games to injury in 1985—compared with 858 last year. 'Nuf Ced. Pappas was also the first chairman of the Department of Orthopedics at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. And, he was renowned for his philanthropic efforts in his hometown of Auburn, Massachusetts. Said his niece, Kristen M. Pappas, "He lived a really good life and made a huge difference." Indeed he did. We send our condolences out to the entire Pappas family.