Sunday, March 6, 2016

E-Rod Still Out As Sox 'Medical' Staff Screws Up Again

Tell us if you've heard this story before. A Red Sox player suffers an injury, and the team 'medical' staff pooh-poohs its severity—assuring fans that said player will be back in "a day or two". Well, it's happened again! Eduardo Rodriguez, penciled in as a key member of the Red Sox rotation this year, is still out of action—eight days after suffering a subluxation of the patellar tendon of his right knee. Today's party line states that E-Rod still has "fluid" on the affected knee and has yet to pitch off a mound since the injury. This, after the team medical staff said he was "OK" after examining him the day of the incident. And, that was after E-Rod himself said this, "It was a scare because I felt like I broke my knee." Apparently, the kid knew what was going on. Finally, today we get John Farrell's oh-so-helpful update, "Again we don't know how long that will take to get that removed to get the full range of motion and give him clearance to get back on the mound." As we've said before, this franchise is located in the city renowned the world over as a center of medical excellence. And yet, our players are being cared for by the equivalent of Doctors Howard, Fine and Howard. Disgraceful.