Friday, February 5, 2016

The Apocalypse Has Arrived: Plaid Uniforms In Japan

Even though the New York Giants wore plaid in 1916, there is no excuse for this style in the twenty-first century. Nevertheless, the Orix Buffaloes will don plaid uniforms this year. The 'floes play in Nippon Professional Baseball's Pacific League. You know, you've heard of them, Yuniesky Betancourt used to play for them (or maybe he still does, we're not sure). Maybe because they merged with the 'Blue Wave' franchise in 2005, they feel the need for flamboyant uniforms. Or maybe because the Buffaloes play at The Kyocera Osaka Dome as their home park, they want to "copy" the Giants (see what we did there?). Anyway we are out of lame references, so just admire the unis!