Thursday, February 25, 2016

MLB Adds New Clock And Sliding Rules For 2016 Season

Well, give new MLB commissioner Rob Manfred credit—he's no slouch! Baseball announced three new rules today—two dealing with 'pace-of-play' timing issues and one having to do with second-base sliding. The most intriguing new rule is the implementation of a 30-second clock on mound visits by managers and coaches. Hallelujah! Also, the between-innings allotment of time for broadcasters (read: commercials) has been reduced. Hallelujah again! Lastly, the much-talked-about new second-base sliding guidelines will—essentially—re-emphasize rules already on the books. Most see this as an effort to take discretion away from umpires on these plays. Basically, the new "guidelines" state that runners must: a.) slide prior to reaching the base; b.) slide so that he is able to reach or touch the base; c.) slide so that he is able to attempt to stay on the base; and 4.) not to change his pathway to the base. We'll see how this actually plays out during the season.