Saturday, February 6, 2016

John Henry Facing Ticket Price Revolt Across The Pond

(Getty Images)
And you think Red Sox ticket prices are exorbitant (well, actually they are)? But, how about the cost of ducats for your Liverpudlian compatriots across the pond? They, too, are under the proverbial thumb of John Henry—owner of both the Red Sox and the Liverpool Reds soccer club. On Saturday, Liverpool fans marched out in protest of a £77 ($111.67) cost for the priciest tickets next year in the renovated Anfield stadium. Symbolically, they walked out at the 77th minute of a match against Sunderland. A fan TWEET stated, "If the club want to charge up to £77 a ticket, make your feelings known and walk out on 77 minutes." Ironically, the Reds went on to blow a 2-0 lead after the walkout, with the game ending in a 2-2 tie. Check out the classic 'Henry-Like' response by the Liverpool Club Chief Executive Ian Ayre: "We know we can't please everyone". Where have we heard that before?