Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Hanley, Using Napoli's Mitt, Looking For 1B Gold Glove

Hanley At jetBlue Today (Getty Images)
The arrival of Hanley Ramirez in Fort Myers—six days early—has certainly excited the assembled press corps and fans. But, apparently, no one is more excited than Hanley himself. After his 77-minute workout at first base, HanRam actually said this about his talk of a Gold Glove, "Definitely. It would be nice, you know, for you guys. We're going to work a lot. I just want to make my infielders comfortable. Catch the ball and throw it. That's the main key right now. I told Bogey right away, 'Just throw the ball in this area and you'll be fine. Don't worry, I got you.' Pedey, he don't make bad throws. 'I'm always going to hit you in the chest.' ". Maybe part of his confidence comes from using Mike Napoli's first baseman's mitt—at least until his own model arrives at Fenway South. In any event, while we haven't checked, the Vegas odds on a Hanley Gold Glove must be astronomical.